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Welcome to Ecrrm

ECRRM is a reference medical research center that provides high-quality and innovative laboratory testing using advanced tools.


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Our Branches

Department of Experimental Animals

The development of strains from abroad from different animals with specific genetic information in order to obtain pure and genetically known strains for use in the research of infectious diseases and stem cells

The work of this section includes providing living rooms for all types of animals that are compatible socially and similar lying in the health situation, which reduces the spread of diseases and epidemics and maintains the quality of the results of the research

Carrying out studies in the field of experimental animal behavior and care

Conducting studies in the field of animal genetics, genetic diseases, animal health and antimicrobial resistance

Branch goals

Issuing evidence for decision-making in health policies while conducting research to address priority health needs while strengthening capacities with appropriate policies and standards

Organize research practices to ensure high ethical standards, monitor research progress and evaluate findings on public health

Conducting scientific and clinical research in basic and medical sciences in addition to cooperating with various community institutions in implementing medical and research projects to serve the community

This department is under construction

Branch goals

Managing medical and scientific research in accordance with the needs of the armed forces and what is issued by a decision of the Center Board of Directors

Preparing trained technical personnel to work in the field of biological analyzes

Work epidemiological studies on endemic and emerging diseases

Participate in research and strategic studies at the state level in the field of medical research

Branch goals

Establishing various procedures for laboratory tests to ensure their quality and methods for reporting any deviations

Monitor all processes that affect quality

Report any malfunctions to executives to ensure prompt action

Ensure that all legal standards and international quality specifications are met

Branch goals

Applying engineering methods and standards to reach solutions to problems facing the medical sector and its various fields

That includes the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence in extracting information from quantitative data

Branch goals

Establish a plan for the maintenance and repair of medical devices and equipment, and the necessary procedures to implement maintenance.

Putting instructions on the methods of use, maintenance, repair and storage of spare parts

Participating in inspection committees and receiving and scraping devices and equipment.

Participation in technical committees when contracting to purchase equipment, equipment and spare parts.

Distributing equipment repair kits, supervising them, and working to overcome any difficulties

Supervising the registration of all statistical data on maintenance and repair affairs

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